—- Current Maine Snowmobiling Conditions —- The Forks to Lake Parlin


Maine, Forks Area Current Snowmobiling Conditions
Monday, February 11, 2013 03:27 EST
West Forks to Lake Parlin

Report Courtesy of:
C.Moxie Gore Outfitters and the Forks Area Chamber of Commerce.

Our Kennebec Valley scouts appreciate your patronage

Coburn Summit Riders

Trail report 2/10/13

After a long dry spell we finally scored on some much needed snow. Our trail system received 6-9 inches on Saturday and we’re expecting 5 or 6 more tomorrow afternoon through the night. Overall the trails are in excellent shape and the storm tomorrow will just make it that much better.

ITS 87 from the Forks to the intersection of ITS 88 was groomed last night and is excellent condition.

ITS 89 from the intersection of Lake Parlin Connector to Grand Falls was groomed last night and is in excellent condition.

ITS 86 from the Forks to Grand Falls is groomed and in great shape.

The Lake Parlin Connector is groomed and in great shape.

The Coburn and Mystery Connector did not get groomed last night. The Coburn connector is windblown and we’ll wait for the snow tomorrow to groom.

The Enchanted Loop is groomed and in great condition.

Get out and enjoy… the riding is Awesome!!

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The 8” of snow we received on Saturday was just what the doctor ordered. Snowing hard again right now…supposed to get 2” – 4” more. We are on our regular grooming schedule on all 100 miles of our trail system and the trails are back in very good shape, for the most part. It was windy during the storm, so there are a few windblown spots here and there where the snow didn’t accumulate and ice is prevalent. Also have to be careful for icy corners as the snow gets ridden out of the turns.

ITS 86 HEADING EAST FROM BERRY’S STORE TOWARD GREENVILLE AND ROCKWOOD Because of heavy traffic, intown is rough and can always use more snow. Once just a mile out of town, things improve. Boise Road is great. Short ½ mile Power Line section near Moxie Pond is not bad at all. A little windblown in spots, so the tops of a few rocks are showing. There is a 2-mile section of plowed road around Moxie Pond, due to logging. Go slow through there. The rest of the way toward Greenville on ITS 86 and toward Rockwood on ITS 88 are in fine shape.

ITS 87 HEADING SOUTH TOWARD BINGHAM Divide Road section is in great shape. Still a little thin on the very short woods sections around Pleasant Pond and Moore’s Bog. There is a one-mile section around the south side of Moxie Mountain, that is severely windblown. A lot of gravel and ice through there. You can avoid this section by using the Bald Mountain Trail and the Pleasant Pond Trail.

PLEASANT POND TRAIL Great ride all the way through. We recommend this route going to and from Bingham area, to avoid the windblown section mentioned in the first bullet point.

BALD MOUNTAIN TRAIL FROM ITS 87 TO ITS 86 Great ride all the way through.


KENNEBEC RIVER TRAIL FROM NORTHERN OUTDOORS TO WEST FORKS Still a little thin in spots, but not bad at all. Worst of it is the last 1-mile into town. The big hill off the Flood Road is very icy… use caution.

Also, the Maine State Department of Conservation provides resources for trail riders in all seasons. For more information on trail riding in Maine please visit www.maine.gov/doc/

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