Maine Maple Sunday (Weekend) 2014 – Part 2

This year, Maine Maple Sunday is March 24, its the first major agricultural event in a state that seems to be embracing the idea that food really does come from farms (yes, maple syrup is an agriculture product). So what are you gong to do. Um, get in the car and head on out to one of these maple barns to taste and buy the best of the season.

Watch Mike’s grandson (of Mike’s Maple) tell you about how
Maine maple is made in about a minute and a half.


Maine Maple Sunday comes once a year; make the best of it at Maine’s Kennebec Valley Maple Barns. Below is a pretty exhaustive list of all the barns near to you (it has grown since last year so look for one that might be just around the corner from you.)

And my best advice is to call ahead or surf over to their website to confirm they are open this Sunday.

Happy Eating.

P.S. One very special place you should consider is heading to Old Fort Western in downtown Augusta on Cony Street between 1 and 3pm for their take on the history and fun of Maine Maple Sunday. Plus if you’ve never been there it’s a great place to connect with our state’s great history. FMI click here. Plus, it’s FREE.

P.P.S. We’d love to see you in the other seasons too, order up your Kennebec Explorer Guide; filled with pictures and stories about the region it’s almost as good a resource as this blog.

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